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TheatreMall || <p>EkalavyaKo Antim Tape</p>

EkalavyaKo Antim Tape

Theatre Gardens Presents, A solo play : Ekalavyako Antim Tape


We have adapted Krapp’s Last Tape according to Nepali circumstance. An old man and his regular works on his every birthday is same; recording disk In his old gramophone, listening old disks and hanging around his room as usually. Western had experienced loose, death and destruction long ago. We are not in the level of that but so many issues are there to suffer and many question of life, death, suffering and existence. Ekalabya is one of the representative character of human existence, love and death.

Directional Note

I feel free in the theatre and it’s process; absurdism is one of my favorite genres. I like to work on it along with dark perspective of human emotion and plays related with politics and more. Many many thanks to my team members, my mentors and all of you who helped with different energies’. You are here to support an experimental work. Please feel free to share your opinion after the show or you can drop your comments in the suggestion box. Many Loves

Cast & Crew

On Stage

Sudam C.K. 

Off Stage

Hospatality: Umesh Acharya, Praku Pandey, Binita Gurung

Set Construction : Hum BC

Props and Costume : Vijaya Karki

Outdoor responsibilities: Srijal Wagle 

Publicity Marketing: Rupak Khare l / Sujita Dhakal

Sound Design: Robin Dangol / Kishan Shrestha

Sound Operation : Umesh Pokharel

Play Bills / Broucher Design: Prakesh Sunduliya / Rupak Kharel

Light Design: Ghanshyam Khadka 

Light Operation: Vijaya Karki

Photographer: Rupak Kharel 

Stage Manager: Vijaya Karki

Playwright: Samuel Beckett

Translatior: Tika Datta Subedi

Imagination / Direction: Shankar Rijal