Laati Ko Chhoro

Laati Ko Chora (लाटीको छोरो) is a joint production of Art Studio and Theatre Mall. It portrays the story of those people in Society who can't speak for themselves and how people take advantage of those people.

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Bed No. 99

Story :Mahesh Birkram Shah, Design/ Direction : Ghanshyam Shrestha

Stage Manager : Shankar Bhandari, Rajendra Bhatta

Date/Time : 20th Jan to 11th Feb 2017, 5:00 PM Everyday (Except Wednesday)

Running Time : 60 min min

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Bhoko Ghar

Playwright :Gobind Bdr. Malla Gothale

Design/ Direction : Kedar Shrestha

Stage Manager : Shankar Bhandari, Rajendra Bhatta

Date/Time : 16th Dec 2016 to 7th Jan 2017, 5:00 PM Everyday

Running Time : 65 min

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BhittaKo Namaste

Story: Khagendra Sangraula

Play Written by: Kedar Shrestha

Directors: Kedar Shrestha, Sanjita Sanji

Theatre Centre For Children (TCC Nepal) Presents) on April 25. 

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EkalavyaKo Antim Tape

Playwright :Samuel Beckett, Direction : Shankar Rijal

Translation : Tika Datta Subedi, Stage Manager : Vijaya Karki

Date/Time : 5th to 16th Aug 2016, 5:30PM, Running Time : 50 min.

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UpiyaKo Nibandha

Playwright, Designer & Director : Kedar Shrestha

Stage Manager : Rajendra Bhatta

Date/Time : 24th June to 17th July, 5:30 PM Everyday

Running Time : 90 min.

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Playwright: Saayad Ashok

Director: Prajwal Parajuli

Namaste Arts Presents

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Yellow Comedy

Playwright/Director :Students Production of Shilpee

Shilpee Theatre Presents

Date/Time : 7th Bhadra -14th Bhadra 2071, 5:30 PM

Running Time : 1hr 30min

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Playwright/ Direction : Ram K A.C.

Stage Manager : Purkhajit Rai

Date/Time : 2nd to 14th June 2016, 5:30 PM Everyday

Running Time : 90 min.

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Yo Kunai Baasa Ho Eka

Playwright :Abhi Subedi

Direction : Ghanashyam Shreshtha

Running Time : 60 min

Date/Time : 2nd May to 21st May 2016, 5:30 PM Everyday

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Maan Vs Mati

Playwright, Deeigener & Director : Kedar Shrestha

Stage Manager : Sanjita Sanji

Date/Time : 25th Dec 2015 to 17th Jan 2016, 4:45PM Everyday

Running Time : 70 min.

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Chyatieko Parda

Playwright :Gobinda Bahadur Malla 'Gothale'

Director : Sudam CK

Stage Manager : Sanjita Sanjee

Date/Time : 29th Sep. to 11th Oct. 2015, Everyday 5:30 PM (Except Wednesday) 

Running Time : 70 min

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Chhidra Canvas

Playwright/ Director : Tika Bhakta Jirel

Running Time : 65 min

Date : 4th Sep to 26th Sep 2015

Time: 5: 30 PM Everyday (Except Wednesday)

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Bimbaka Sapana

Playwright : Prof. Dr. Abhi Subedi

Director : Ghanashyam Shrestha

Date/Time : 26th June to 19th July 2015, Everyday 5:15PM (Except Wednesday)

Running Time : 60 min

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Date/Time : 12th March 2015 to 4th April 2015, Everyday 5:30 PM (Except Wednesday)

Running Time : 1hr 15min

Playwright/Director :Ram Kac

*Ticket: Rs. 200 (General) and Rs. 100 (Student)

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