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About Theatre Centre For children (TCC)

A Few Words About Theatre Centre For children (TCC)


Theatre Centre For children (TCC Nepal) is functioning informally in Nepali theatre since 2010 . TCC Nepal is the first theatre that has been established to focus on stage theatre for child and children stage performance. TCC Nepal established formally as the nonprofit social organization in 2013 B.S. on leadership with a dream of creating theatre festival for children in Nepal from Mr. Kedar Shrestha who is a children's literary writer, youth and energetic theatre artist, artistic director of Theatre Mall.

TCC Nepal has focused from its starting phase to create a space for children on theatre and exposure of theatre on Nepali theatre sector in Nepal.

Initiation through children:
The main theme of TCC Nepal is to share the belief to adjust children creating child friendly environment in Nepali society. Total of population most are youth and children in Nepal. TCC Nepal share a value with a idea that “Initiation through Buds” reflecting a idea that each and every steps in society has to be thought and behave from the perspective of children. Children are tomorrow pillar and it has been need to create a place and platform for children to learn and to share the child feeling through art and expression. Participation of child artist in the theater develops knowledge of new methods on learning and getting a platform for being entertain and giving entertainment for child development which is a need of today 21st century. Children's theatre supports directly to make internal and intra personal relation with parents / guardians expressing real problems on theater through research and studies.

TCC Nepal Organizational Objectives:

  1. Creating a children's theatre in Nepal
  2. Creating a attraction, creating desire for art and dramas among children and parents
  3. Expression of problems and finding new creative ways regarding children and child issues
  4. Through means of art and artistic methods making parents responsible and sensitive for their child and problems
  5. Bringing out hidden and creative talents of children through acting and child participation in theaters

TCC Nepal 's Activities
TCC Nepal has involved in following activities in shorter time from its established time on related to child theatre :

  1. Drama performance for children and performance of children.
  2. Children's drama festival and school theatre festival.
  3. Acting and theatre workshop/training in theatre/different schools.
  4. Interaction programs about children's theatre and theatre for young audiences.
  5. Storytelling programme.
  6. Street/Forum plays on the social issue of children.
  7. Children's films making.
  8. School Theatre Festival


TCC Nepal 's Activities
Theatre Centre For Children (TCC Nepal)
Theatre Mall, Sundhara, Top Floor of Kathmandu Mall